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star trek new frontier wikipedia - star trek new frontier is a star trek novel series created by john j ordover and peter david and published by pocket books the idea behind it was to create a star trek book series with its own continuity and not one that is purely a reaction to the television shows, deanna troi memory alpha fandom powered by wikia - deanna troi was a half betazoid half human starfleet officer under the command of captain jean luc picard she served as ship s counselor aboard the uss enterprise d and the uss enterprise e, deanna troi memory beta non canon star trek wiki - history edit early life edit deanna troi the second daughter of lwaxana and starfleet officer ian andrew troi was born on march 29th 2336 on the planet betazed near lake el nar, ship of the line diane carey 9780671044121 amazon com - ship of the line star trek the next generation and millions of other books are available for amazon kindle learn more, cleaning up romantic loose ends tv tropes - marmalade boy is the number one example the anime spends so much time doing this sort of thing after miki and yuu pair off early in the series it s almost impossible to take it seriously, feuding families tv tropes - in ghost hound the main and branch family komori and ogami respectively are at odds with one another silently feuding despite two different generations trying to bring them together