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amazon com the first world war volume i to arms first - this is the first truly definitive history of world war i the war that has had the greatest impact on the course of the twentieth century the first generation of its historians had access to a limited range of sources and they focused primarily on military events, world war i wikipedia - world war i often abbreviated as wwi or ww1 also known as the first world war or the great war was a global war originating in europe that lasted from 28 july 1914 to 11 november 1918 contemporaneously described as the war to end all wars it led to the mobilisation of more than 70 million military personnel including 60 million europeans making it one of the largest wars in history, amazon com the first world war 9780143035183 hew - book condition please read full description used good this book has been read and may show wear to the cover and or pages there may be some dog eared pages in some cases the internal pages may contain highlighting margin notes underlining or any combination of these markings, causes of world war i wikipedia - the causes of world war i remain controversial world war i began in the balkans in late july 1914 and ended in november 1918 leaving 17 million dead and 20 million wounded scholars looking at the long term seek to explain why two rival sets of powers germany and austria hungary on the one hand and russia france and great britain on the other had come into conflict by 1914, world war i new world encyclopedia - the first world war known as the great war before 1939 and as world war one after 1950 lasted from august 1914 to the final armistice with germany on november 11 1918 during the war it was referred to as the war to end all wars some question the appropriateness of the term world war because it was largely a european north african and middle eastern war, literary connections the first world war in literature - the first world war in literature the resources on these pages are intended to help teachers and students particularly at as and a level and especially for the aqa specification a english literature as level war option the lists incorporate recommendations from teachers suggestions from aqa support meetings and my own research