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carl schmitt gesellschaft neueste ver ffentlichungen - neueste ver ffentlichungen ab 2007 stand der bearbeitung 15 07 2018 mit dieser auswahlbibliographie versucht die gesellschaft die weltweite rezeption von carl schmitt ab beginn des jahres 2007 zu dokumentieren, centre of theology and philosophy - veritas series the gift of beauty and the passion of being highlighting publications in the veritas series from the last year the gift of beauty and the passion of being on the threshold between the aesthetic and the religious by william desmond, jstor viewing subject law - jstor is a digital library of academic journals books and primary sources, just war theory wikipedia - just war theory latin jus bellum justum is a doctrine also referred to as a tradition of military ethics studied by military leaders theologians ethicists and policy makers the purpose of the doctrine is to ensure war is morally justifiable through a series of criteria all of which must be met for a war to be considered just the criteria are split into two groups right to go to war, princeton university press on jstor - founded in 1905 princeton university press is an independent publisher with close connections both formal and informal to princeton university, reflections on violence law and humanitarianism - the earl of shaftesbury writing of what he calls unnatural affections speaks of that unnatural and inhuman delight in beholding torments and in viewing distress and in viewing distress calamity blood massacre and destruction with a peculiar joy and pleasure such passions he says are found among many those who are uncivilized or those who in some degree belong to such, popewatch twilight of catholicism the american catholic - sandro magister has posted a fascinating article that popewatch believes is a real help in understanding the current pontificate much has been written in sketching an appraisal of the first five years of the pontificate of francis and of his real or imaginary revolution, journal on european history of law - the publisher of the journal on european history of law is the sts science centre ltd seated in london the european society for history of law closely cooperates with the sts science centre ltd and helps with editing the journal, emmanuel levinas stanford encyclopedia of philosophy - 1 introduction 1 1 overview of levinas s philosophy jacques derrida pointed out in 1967 that levinas does not want to propose laws or moral rules it is a matter of writing an ethics of ethics an ethics of ethics means here the exploration of conditions of possibility of any interest in good actions or lives in light of that it can be said that levinas is not writing an, book abbreviations christian thinktank - aaa atlas of ancient archaeology jacquetta hawkes ed barnes and nobles 1994 aaf answering a fundamentalist albert j nevins m m our sunday visitor, volume 46 50 history and theory - contemporary history and the art of self distancing jaap den hollander history and theory theme issue 50 december 2011 51 67 the metaphor of historical distance often appears in discussions about the study of contemporary history