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dwight d eisenhower wikipedia - dwight david ike eisenhower a z n h a r eye z n how r october 14 1890 march 28 1969 was an american army general and statesman who served as the 34th president of the united states from 1953 to 1961 during world war ii he was a five star general in the united states army and served as supreme commander of the allied expeditionary forces in europe, dwight d eisenhower history - eisenhower in world war ii eisenhower returned soon after nazi germany s invasion of poland sparked the outbreak of world war ii in europe in september 1941 he received his first general s, dwight d eisenhower the white house - bringing to the presidency his prestige as commanding general of the victorious forces in europe during world war ii dwight d eisenhower obtained a truce in korea and worked incessantly during, dwight d eisenhower cold war presidency facts - eisenhower dwight d eisenhower mamie wedding portrait of dwight d eisenhower and mamie eisenhower 1916 dwight d eisenhower presidential library museum during world war i eisenhower commanded a tank training centre was promoted to captain and received the distinguished service medal the war ended just before he was to be sent overseas, dwight d eisenhower u s president general journalist - dwight d eisenhower was the 34th president of the united states who promoted atoms for peace during the cold war learn more at biography com, careers at eisenhower health find a healthcare career or - registered nursing careers through strong communication and critical thinking skills our registered nurses pride themselves on the ability to organize efforts to ensure a positive experience for our patients, eisenhower national historic site u s national park service - eisenhower national historic site is the home and farm of general and president dwight d eisenhower located adjacent to the gettysburg battlefield the farm served the president as a weekend retreat and a meeting place for world leaders