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essential hypertension definition oxford medicine - essential hypertension is high blood pressure for which there is no clearly defined aetiology from a practical perspective it is best defined as that level of blood pressure at which treatment to lower blood pressure results in significant clinical benefit a level which will vary from patient to patient depending on their absolute, mental health history dictionary studymore org uk - words used about mental health and learning disability in their historic context, polymerase chain reaction testing selected indications - number 0650 policy aetna considers polymerase chain reaction pcr testing medically necessary for the following indications not an all inclusive list, background document the diagnosis treatment and - world health organization who background document the diagnosis treatment and prevention of typhoid fever who v b 03 07 original english communicable disease surveillance and response, portal hypertension practice essentials background anatomy - many conditions are associated with portal hypertension with cirrhosis being the most common cause of this disorder two important factors vascular resistance and blood flow exist in the development of portal hypertension, antepartum fetal surveillance medical clinical policy - background antepartum fetal surveillance is used to assess the risk of adverse perinatal outcome associated with utero placental insufficiency and is recommended for pregnancies that are at risk for hypoxia and stillbirth, kidney disease lab tests online - appropriate treatment will vary depending on the cause of the kidney disorder in general the earlier kidney disease is recognized the more likely it is to be treatable and sometimes as may occur with acute kidney disease the damage may be reversible, mononucleosis symptoms and causes mayo clinic - mononucleosis comprehensive overview covers symptoms and treatment of kissing disease in adults and children, the poisoned needle by eleanor mcbean whale to - the poisoned needle suppressed facts about vaccination by eleanor mcbean 1957 whale june 2002 to read only the polio sections see hidden dangers in polio vaccine by eleanor mcbean, snakebite neuromuscular junction coagulation - guidelines for the management of snake bites david a warrell who library cataloguing in publication data warrel david a guidelines, medical dark ages quotes ahealedplanet net - medical dark ages quotes by wade frazier revised in july 2014 introduction section 1 section 2 section 3 section 4 section 5 section 6 section 7, orthopedic specialists of new jersey - orthopedic specialists of new jersey comprehensive list of surgeons and services in new jersey orthopedists orthopedist, lymphoedema support network useful articles - useful articles the information contained in the articles below is not intended to replace individual advice you may receive from your healthcare practitioner and falls outside the scope of the information standard, male sexual dysfunction uroweb - to access the pdfs translations of individual guidelines please log in as eau member, surgery radical prostatectomy prostate cancer uk - surgery for prostate cancer called a radical prostatectomy aims to remove the whole prostate and the prostate cancer cells inside it you might be offered surgery if your cancer hasn t spread outside your prostate localised prostate cancer and you are generally fit and healthy, recomendaciones para la prevenci n diagn stico y - resumen la enfermedad pulmonar obstructiva cr nica epoc est aumentando marcadamente su morbimortalidad costos e indicadores epidemiol gicos