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amazon com a book on c programming in c 4th edition - now in its fourth edition a book on c retains the features that have made it a proven best selling tutorial and reference on the ansi c programming language, amazon com the c programming language 4th edition - bjarne stroustrup is the designer and original implementer of c and the author of programming principles and practice using c 2nd edition and the c programming language among others having previously worked at bell labs at t labs research and texas a m university he is currently managing director in the technology division of morgan stanley in new york city, pdf object oriented programming in ansi c by - this book is about object oriented programming with ansi c it is latest version 6th edition of ansi c pdf ebook you can also buy the latest edition of programming in ansi c 6th edition by e balaguruswamy pdf from below link here is another option which is let us c pdf and solutions book this is a very helpful book for learning c language, the c programming language wikipedia - the c programming language is a computer programming book first published in october 1985 it was the first book to describe the c programming language written by the language s creator bjarne stroustrup in the absence of an official standard the book served for several years as the de facto documentation for the evolving c language until the release of the iso iec 14882 1998, programming perl 4th edition o reilly media - adopted as the undisputed perl bible soon after the first edition appeared in 1991 programming perl is still the go to guide for this highly practical language perl began life as a super fueled text processing utility but quickly evolved into a general purpose programming language that s helped hundreds of thousands of programmers system administrators and enthusiasts like you get