Love Without Hurt Turn Your Resentful Angry Or Emotionally Abusive Relationship Into A Compassionate Loving One -

amazon com love without hurt turn your resentful angry - love without hurt turn your resentful angry or emotionally abusive relationship into a compassionate loving one paperback january 1 2008, you don t have to take it anymore turn your resentful - you don t have to take it anymore turn your resentful angry or emotionally abusive relationship into a compassionate loving one kindle edition, dear wendy my boyfriend s cancer is coming between us - in a feature i call your turn in which you the readers get to answer the question i m presenting the following letter without commentary from me i have been with my boyfriend for ten months and it was perfect at first a few arguments here and there which normal but we ve been, my wife refuses sex and intimacy part one doctor life - dear doctor life advice it has been over three years since my wife and i have made love actually there is no intimacy at all when i approach my wife in any way she tells me to get away from her, reader question of the week my husband isn t a good - what do you do when your husband s a bad stepfather on mondays i like to take a stab at answering a reader question a woman wrote in whose husband is lousy stepfather because he is just not very nice to her son her husband s stepson she writes my husband married me with three children at the time two were preschoolers and one was a teenager, how to forgive someone who has hurt you in 15 steps - forgiving others is essential for spiritual growth your experience of someone who has hurt you while painful is now nothing more that a thought or feeling that you carry around, narcissistic rage and the sense of entitlement - a sense of entitlement along with the expectation that life should be much easier and less frustrating than it actually is often lies behind the expression of narcissistic rage a feature of narcissistic personality disorder bipolar disorder borderline personality disorder and other superficially discrete categories of diagnosis, ambiguous grief grieving someone who is still alive - thank you for putting a name to this horrible feeling that overcomes me at all times now after caring for my adult child with a severe mental illness for several years, alice miller in a nutshell a brief critique wild truth - bonjour thank you it is a release to read your article i have read few books from a miller i agree with you and i want to add something that you might have written in the long version, sociopath world sociopaths and animals part 1 - according to maslow s hierarchy of needs love and acceptance is a core need of all emotionally healthy human beings it is understandable that if one has had repeated bad experiences with humans that possibly the person would transfer the need for love and acceptance to animals, children who break your heart a reader asks for your - at the legacy project we ve asked over 1200 of the oldest and wisest americans for their advice about how to solve life s problems in this post we ask how do you deal with children who break your heart for advice on this topic and much more see the bestselling book 30 lessons for living tried and true advice from the wisest americans in an earlier post one of the legacy project, 8 toxic patterns in mother daughter relationships - it s true enough that all daughters of unloving and unattuned mothers have common experiences the lack of maternal warmth and validation warps their sense of self makes them lack confidence in, straight women falling for lesbians card carrying - what s on tap for today well first order of business is a pressing matter that several readers have written to me about straight women falling for gay women, my 92 year old mother has alzheimer s and i pray she will die - dear readers this blog post was first published in 2013 when my mother was in the latter stages of alzheimer s disease mom died in november 2013, lewis howes what our culture gets wrong about masculinity - want to understand the men in your life help the world become a less violent place lewis howes shares how sensitive men could help transform our culture, throwing you on the defensive the art of covert aggression - covert aggression is at the heart of most interpersonal manipulation what the artful subtle fighter knows is that if they can get you to doubt yourself explain yourself and question your judgment there s a good chance they can get you to back down back off or better still cave in, when adult children become strangers - the anguish is palpable in the comments to my post about parents and adult children finding the balance even though i wrote the post a year and a half ago it is still by far every day the most read post i ve ever written